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Whatsapp Tracker allows you to look at your love one's last seen online time history on their whatsapp. It provides a historical view on when they go online and when they spend time chatting with their friends. It is a great tool for parents to track how their kids spend their time studying, or whether they are spending all day chatting. You can also look at your business partners' online pattern to determine when is the best time to reach out. Last seen online time is a feature in whatsapp, but it does not provide you a way to track the online historical pattern unless you're checking the status 24x7.
Very simple - to look last seen online time history on whatsapp. History are kept up to 15 days.

You can logon from your mobile and look at your targeted phone number's online status history.

You don't need to go on whatsapp, or have any whatsapp account. All you need is their phone numbers.

No software installation needed.
The best way to demonstrate this tool is to test it yourself.

You can sign up for a free 15-days tracking on your own mobile number. Go online couple times and you can see how the report works by looking at your own online pattern.
Sign up now and start keeping the history, we offer the following solution:

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We do not have a charging schema. Please donate now if you like the tool and we can extend your demo. It is costly to run a service like this!